Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Spring Wedding Fair - Providore Place 20


  1. The opening time for the exhibition is 10am to 3pm

  2. Set up times are 4pm – 7pm on Saturday (August 31st) and from 7am on Sunday (September 1st).

  3. All exhibitors must be ready for the public at 9.45 am

  4. Exhibitors are not to pack up until the exhibition closes at 3pm

  5. Exhibitors may pack up from 3pm, we ask that you do this as quickly as possible, as the pack down of the booth system will commence at 4pm.

  6. Access to and from Providore Place will be by a one way system, entering from Oldaker Street and exiting through the car park. This system will be controlled by  Providore Place staff and their direction must be followed at all times.

  7. Exhibitors are required to wear the supplied exhibitor pass at all times.

  8. Exhibitors must have a representative at their booths to speak to attendees at all times.

  9. Only the business that has applied for the booth is permitted to advertise or display materials at the Fair.

  10. Exhibitors are permitted to sell goods from their booth which relate directly to the business being exhibited.

  11. Under no circumstances, are exhibitors permitted to place any materials, signage or other exhibits on any structure outside of their booth and within Providore Place including walls, windows and doors.

  12. Exhibitors are totally responsible for all damages caused by the exhibitors, employees or their customers to any booths, walls, floors and equipment provided by Providore Place however occurring. In addition, each exhibitor must provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance for this event.

  13. All goods brought in by the exhibitor are to be contained safely within the booth. Should storage of goods be required, this must be advised by Friday 23 August 2019 and may be subject to a further charge.

  14. Exhibitor’s literature for attendee gift bags must be delivered to Providore Place by Friday 23 August 2019.

  15. All electrical items brought to the Fair must be tested and tagged in accordance with Tasmanian regulations.

  16. The organizer reserves the right to refuse any application. If this occurs, a full refund of the deposit will be made.

  17. Cancellations by exhibitors must be in writing. Any cancellations after August 2 will lose their deposit.

  18. I give my permission for the Spring Wedding Fair event organisers and/or agents authorised by them to use any photographs, video or information I have submitted for promotional purposes of the event.

  19. I understand and agree that I and my display may be photographed/videod and those photos/videos may be used by the event organisers and/or agents authorised by them for promotional purposes of the event.

Exhibitors will be required to accept these terms & conditions as part of the registration process.